Diner Dash 2 Info

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Diner Dash 2 overview

Diner Dash 2 Diner Dash 2

Sling grits and earn tips in this arcade masterpiece, sequel to the original smash hit! By working as fast as ever, Flo helps her friends upgrade their restaurants, expand their businesses, and pay their rent, all in the hopes of escaping the wrecking ball and a disastrous Mega Multiplex Food Plaza. Seat customers, take orders, serve food and collect tips. New characters, challenges, powerups, and a surprise restaurant await you.

Diner Dash 2 features:
- 5 new restaurants
- 4 new customer types: Family, Cell Phone Addict, and more!
- 4 new powerups, even a hostess and mariachi band!
- 2 modes of play: Story & Endless Shift
- New tasks to juggle: highchairs, spills, dessert orders, and more!
- New seating challenges: watch where you seat your customers!
- Bonus screensaver mode lets you see your latest progress - All-new music, art, and animation
- New level variations for the true Diner Dash expert!

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Diner Dash 2 screenshots

Diner Dash 2 Diner Dash 2 Diner Dash 2

What people say about Diner Dash 2


"Wow, just wow! I'm so glad I purchased this game. It's so much better than Diner Dash in many aspects! If you like Diner Dash, you will LOVE Diner Dash 2! A must-buy!!"


"Picks up where Diner Dash left off. The graphics are enhanced, more options are available to you (some unlocked with experts scores on the previous level) to custom your store, and a great story line added to boot! The game play remains the same - the challenging world of food service! Diner Dash 2 is so addictive, just like Diner Dash, because it's not just a puzzle game, but a careful strategy game to keep the diner(s) afloat! Still features the insane Endless Shift mode too, which is a huge challenge and can keep you up for hours! Two big thumgs up for this great and improved sequel!"

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