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Do you remember good old games from the 80's? Guess what - there are good people out there, who create remakes of old classics to make sure they are with us forever. PacMan and BomberMan were the great gaming hits of 80's and if you enjoyed playing them, you will definitely fall in love with PacBomber. This game is simple and fun. The sounds and graphics are superb and will keep you playing for hours and hours. Download it now.

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PacBomber PacBomber PacBomber

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What people say about PacBomber

David M.

"This game is great, I have spent many hours playing it."

Stephen F.

"I liked it because of it's difference from other versions of Pacman that are out there. The ability to bomb the attackers plus making holes in the walls with the bombs. Then there's the other stuff that pop up that you can use. Also not the same old maze that you see so often. Also it has the amount of time shown that counts down after you use the "pill" that you can attack your enemies. That's why I registered it."

Yhanique B.

"This is one of the best pacman game out of all of them. I have been playing pacman all my life and this one is just incredible."

Linda S.

"I really like the game. Given this 58 yr. grandmother fun, fun, fun!"

Kevin W.

"Great game for hours of enjoyment..."

Lisa G.

"This is just the best PacMan game I ever tried. Keep up the good work!"


"I very like bomberman and pacman games, and this one is the perfect remake of these two games! It's really addictive game!"

Sabrina A.

"This game is so fun that you want to play it over an over again."

Tricha S.

"This is absolutely the best Pacman remake ever!! I played the original Pacman for years when I was a teenager. Pacbomber is even better. I'm addicted to it:) I love the weapons and the meters are very helpful. My kids are crazy about it too!!!"

Alexander S.

"Fun Game! And what a cool music!!!"

Thomas H.

"Very good game! At the moment i'm trying to get turbo bonus with the game speed set at high."

Hana H.

"This game is really cool!I could play this game over and over for many hours."

Elizabeth A.

"This game is very fun. Iwanted to download Pacman for somebody but instead I downloaded Pacbomber so I decided to download it on my PC as well because it was very fun."

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