Leaping Freddy Info

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Leaping Freddy overview

Leaping Freddy Leaping Freddy

Leaping Freddy is a classic arcade game where our hero Freddy is attempting to collect treasures from the Wizard's Castle by progressing through a maze of platform screens. Progression through the screens isn't always linear as one room often requires a key which is located a couple of rooms away. The screens have ladders to climb/descend, ropes to grab and descend, gaps to jump, on/off platforms to navigate via timing, rolling log platforms...

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Leaping Freddy screenshots

Leaping Freddy Leaping Freddy Leaping Freddy

What people say about Leaping Freddy

Harry Y.

"It's one of the best games among the arcades. It's pure fun."

Robin S.

"This game is a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by all ages."

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